Dear Potential Sponsor:

Back In Service is an organization dedicated to recycling donated duty gear from public safety, law enforcement, and firefighters back to those in need of duty gear, at an extremely low cost. We are currently in our early growth stages with a new website and also establishing our non profit status. We depend entirely on corporate and private sponsorship for financial support. We have been fortunate to have the support of a few sponsors so far and we are hopeful that you will choose to help us continue helping others get the duty gear they need to perform their jobs professionally and safely. We pay it forward because we too have been helped along the way.

As a sponsor, you will be listed among our Back In Service sponsors at the appropriate level. Departments, Individuals, Businesses and Organizations can also be listed.

Below you will find our sponsorship levels. Your online donation is secure and will take only a few moments. For your convenience, we currently accept donations via PayPal.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Conner

Owner, Back In Service
Linden, MI.



(Including Gear and Monetary Donations)

  • P. Blum                                         - Multiple Donor - 
  • H. Wilke
  • M. Boos                                         - Multiple Donor - 
  • S. Conner                                      - Multiple Donor -
  • J. Craft
  • P. Jentsch
  • T. Melton
  • D. Blankenship
  • M. Jones
  • A. Davis 
  • Eagle County, CO Sheriff's Office 
  • R. Erkenbrack 
  • J. Houlton 

  • J. Johnson                                     - Multiple Donor -
  • G. Legge 
  • P. Rowen 
  • C. Valentine
  • J. Gold
  • T. Matthews                                   - Multiple Donor -
  • Battle Creek P.D, MI.
  • Hampton Twp. P.D, MI.
  • D. Marsolek
  • J. Blair
  • Academy For Staff Developement State of Virginia
  • D. Counterman                              - Multiple Donor -
  • Saginaw Township Police Dept.       - Multiple Donor -
  • Johns Creek Police Dept, GA.          - Multiple Donor -
  • A. Burgess




Charley Roemhild grew up in Minnesota and has been in public safety service since 1992.  He started as a 911 Dispatcher, became a Sworn Officer, then a Correctional Officer and a Sgt within a Correctional Facility.  Currently, Charley is a 911 Dispatcher.  Helping others has been a central theme in Charley's life for many years.  Charley assists Back In Service as a BIS Advocate, as well as his full time job. Charley enjoys hiking, biking and photography. As an Advocate, Charlie helps spread the word about Back In Service to the public service community and helps generate dontions to keep Back In Service alive.




Gene Parker is a Navy Veteran with multiple tours of duty under his belt. He has toured the world in the course of serving his country. Currently Gene is a Reserve Police Officer, actively engaged in politics, and an outspoken supporter of public safety. Gene was happy to join the Street Team and looks forward to continuing to grow Back In Service.