The Back In Service Wishlist

Help us cover operating costs!

You may not know it, but Back In Service has operating costs that need to be covered in order to provide our amazing service. Some of the costs are:

  • Website hosting
  • Office Supplies (Boxes, tape, labels, etc.)
  • Marketing and Printing
  • Liability Insurance
  • Filing fees for LLC registration¬†
  • Filing fees for Non-Profit status
  • Legal fees - attorney and filing
  • Office space
  • Monthly bank fees
  • PayPal processing fees

These items are just some of the fees Back In Service has. We rely on monetary donations as well as volunteer help to continue moving ahead. We hope to be able to take enough cash donations to cover the expenses of filing to become a non-profit (about $2,500 once everything is completed). 

Please take a moment to donate via PayPal by clicking the link below. We appreciate donations of any amound. Every bit help, big or small!