What is Affiliation Verification?

Affiliation Verification is essentially verifying that you work in one of the eligible fields in which we supply gear to. To complete verification, you simply  fill out the form with as much information as possible. We will then verify your affiliation by calling the contact on your form. (It helps to let them know that we will be calling) We will verify that the information is accurate, and your order will be processed.

Why do you require verification?

We have a limited amount of gear, and more professionals requesting gear each day. For this reason, we must make sure the professionals are receiving the essential gear they need to hit the streets safely and securely. Orders that are placed without or with incomplete Affiliation Verification will not be processed and will be refunded.

How long does it take to be verified?

We typically make contact with your HR rep within hours. Your rep has 10 days to respond/return calls/return emails. If we don't get a response, your payment is refunded and the order is cancelled. We must do this so gear is able to remain available to those who desperately need it. Check with your HR rep to see if they have any voicemails. It's good practice to let them know that we'll be calling them to verify. Back In Service reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason.

What professions are eligible to receive gear?

  • Police Officers
  • Reserve Police Officers
  • Firefighters

If your profession is not listed, please contact us to discuss. At this time we are not able to provide gear to students.